Are you battling with obtaining accreditation from a specific Seta? We have approximately 25 years experience amongst us at EDGE Media.


Let us help you!!


We will assist you to get your accreditation with your primary or secondary Seta

Extension of Scope to your primary Seta

Extension of Scope to a Secondary Seta

Quality Management System

Quality Assurance Representative

Learner Database

Site Visits

Assistance with de-accreditation

Recognition Of Prior Learning

Registering Assessors and Moderators

We Are Specialist In The Following Areas Of Expertise.

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Are Frustrated With Certain Areas In Your Business Let Us Take Your Headache Away!

Are there areas in your business that you require assistance with? We have approximately 40 years experience amongst us at EDGE Media.


Let us help you!!


Management Consulting

Change Management Agents

●Employment Equity Assistance With Strategy And Advice

Skills Development Consulting

Human Resource Development

Risk Management Consulting

Labour Relations

ETQA Consulting With Relevant SETAs

Team Building


Events Coordinating








Do you have problems with training and development in your business. Between us in Edge Media we have around 40 years experience!


Let us help you!!



Curriculum Architecture and Development

On-line Training Solutions

Train the Trainer

Re-alignment of Learning Materials

Evaluation Of Learning Materials

Training And Development Strategy

Unit Standard Aligned and Outcomes-Based