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The following Skills Programmes are not unit standard aligned.

Managing and developing your career by setting goals, formulating strategies and using appraisal information to grow.

Career Management

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To equip participants in solving problems at work. Developing and understanding the skills in recognising problems relating to problems. Creativity and problem solving methods.

Creative Problem Solving And Decision Making Skills

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Providing excellent customer care.

Customer Care

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Understanding and making the most of emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence

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Developing your negotiation skills.

Negotiation Skills

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A modular management development programme, focused on developing behaviour-led leadership.

Operational Leadership Process

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Quality assurance and developing attention to detail.

Right! The First Time

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Understanding and developing team work.

Team Dynamics

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Making the most of the time at your disposal.

Time And Self-Management Skills

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Understanding diversity.

We Are All Ok! The Management Of Diversity

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Understanding motivation and its implications in the workplace. Motivating employees to perform.

Motivation Skills

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Developing supervisory skills.

Supervisory Skills

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A modular programme for first level managers.

An Introduction To Management Skills

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Understanding and implementing the Employment Equity Act.

Employment Equity 5WH

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Understanding and implementing the principles relating to counselling.

Counselling Skills

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How to prevent hi-jackings.


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Preventing workplace intrusion and hijackings.

Business intrusion and anti-hijacking

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Office etiquette it the principles of what to do and what not to do .

Business Etiquette

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Effective business writing skills.

Business Etiquette for the 21st Centaury

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Identifying, developing and improving your personal brand.

Personal Branding

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Understanding and implementing coaching and mentoring in the workplace.

Coaching and Mentoring

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A programme for new employees.

Work Readiness

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Steel fixing in the construction industry.

Steel Fixing

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Understanding and implementing selling skills. How to become a great sales person.


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Legislative principles relating to stacking and storage.

Stacking and Storage

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Management of disasters and dealing with trauma.

Disaster Management and Trauma Care

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