The following Learning Programmes are all unit standard aligned.

SKU/Item Number: ASUS000001

Unit Standard 116820

Drive a Tractor

SKU/Item Number: ASUS000002

Unit Standard 116167

Select, Use And Care For Handtools And Basic Equipment And Infrastructure

SKU/Item Number: ASUS000003

Unit Standard 116199

Demonstrate A Basic Understanding Of The Structure And Function Of A Plant In Relation To Its Environment

SKU/Item Number: ASUS000004

Unit Standard 116206

Fertilise Soil And Attend To Basic Plant Nutrition

SKU/Item Number: ASUS000005

Unit Standard 116201

Harvest Agricultural Crops

SKU/Item Number: ASUS000006

Unit Standard 116202

Operate And Maintain Irrigation Systems

SKU/Item Number: ASUS000007

Unit Standard 116200

Plant The Crop Under Supervision

SKU/Item Number: ASUS000008

Unit Standard 116204

Recognise Pests, Diseases And Weeds On Crops

SKU/Item Number: ASUS000009

Unit Standard 116168

Maintain Basic Water Quality

SKU/Item Number: ASUS000010

Unit Standard 116205

Propagate Plants


SKU/Item Number: ASUS000011

Unit Standard 116203

Manipulate Plants

SKU/Item Number: ASUS000012

Unit Standard 116148

Perform Basic Routine Operations In A Defined Hydroponic Context

SKU/Item Number: ASUS000013

Unit Standard 7464

Analyse Cultural Products And Processes As Representations Of Shape, Space And Time

SKU/Item Number: ASUS000014

Unit Standard 116157

Demonstrate An Understanding Of the Basic Concepts Of Sustainable Farming Systems

SKU/Item Number: ASUS0000015

Unit Standard 116172

Apply Elementary Farm Layout And Infrastructure

SKU/Item Number: ASUS000016

Unit Standard 116150

Identify And Explain Permaculture Principles

SKU/Item Number: ASUS000017

Unit Standard 116169

Understand How Sustainable Farming Systems Conserve Natural Resources

SKU/Item Number: ASUS000018

Unit Standard 116158

Apply Basic Agricultural Enterprise Selection Principles

SKU/Item Number: ASUS000019

Unit Standard 7461

Use Maps To Access And Communicate Information Concerning Routes, Location And Direction

SKU/Item Number: ASUS000020

Unit Standard 7463

Describe And Represent Objects And The Environment In Terms Of Shape, Space, Time And Motion

SKU/Item Number: ASUS000021

Unit Standard 13356

Assess The Influence Of The Environment On Sustainable Livestock Production

SKU/Item Number: ASUS000022

Unit Standard 116165

Defined Production And Understand The Basic Activities Of Production / Conversion In the Agri-Business Environment

SKU/Item Number: ASUS000023

Unit Standard 116163

Handle Inputs And Stock In Agri-Business

SKU/Item Number: ASUS000024

Unit Standard 14084

Demonstrate An Understanding And Use The Numbering System

SKU/Item Number: ASUS000025

Unit Standard 116164

Demonstrate An Understanding Of The Importance Of Marketing

SKU/Item Number: ASUS000026

Unit Standard 116159

Identify The Need For Capital And Understand The Need For The Recording Of The Income And Different Costs In An Agri-Business

SKU/Item Number: ASUS000027

Unit Standard 7449

Critically Analyse How Mathematics Is Used In Social, Political And Economic Relations

SKU/Item Number: ASUS000028

Unit Standard 7447

Working With Numbers In Various Contexts

SKU/Item Number: ASUS000029

Unit Standard 116160

Apply Basic Human Resources Management Principles And Practices Applicable In An Agricultural Environment

SKU/Item Number: ASUS000030

Unit Standard 116156

Collect Agricultural Data

SKU/Item Number: ASUS000031

Unit Standard 7451

Collect, Analyse, Use And Communicate Numerical Data

SKU/Item Number: ASUS000032

Unit Standard 12462

Engage In A Range Of Speaking And Listening Interactions For A Variety Of Purposes

SKU/Item Number: ASUS000033

Unit Standard 12471

Explore And Use A Variety Of Strategies To Learn

SKU/Item Number: ASUS000034

Unit Standard 12469

Read And Respond To A Range Of Text Types

SKU/Item Number: ASUS000035

Unit Standard 116820

Write For A Variety Of Different Purposes

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