SKU/Item Number: CUS000001

Unit Standard 12481

Sling Loads

SKU/Item Number: CUS000002

Unit Standard 12484


Perform Basic Fire Fighting

SKU/Item Number: UCS000003

Unit Standard 12877


Use And Maintain Hand Tools On A Construction Site

SKU/Item Number: CUS000004

Unit Standard 12878


Use And Maintain Power Hand Tools On A Construction Site

SKU/Item Number: CUS000005

Unit Standard 14560


Handle, Transport, Store And Utilize Hazardous Materials On A Civil Construction Site

SKU/Item Number: CUS000006

Unit Standard 15034


Work In Confined Spaces On Construction Sites

The following Learning Programmes are all unit standard aligned.

SKU/Item Number: CUS000007

Unit Standard 229994

Assess a Worksite for Work at Height and prepare a Fall Protection Plan

SKU/Item Number: CUS000008

Unit Standard 229995


Install, Use and Perform Basic Rescues from Fall Arrest Systems and Implement The Fall Protection Plan

SKU/Item Number: CUS0000010

Unit Standard 229998

Explain and Perform Fall Arrest Techniques When Working at Height

SKU/Item Number: CUS000011

Unit Standard 229999

Perform a Range of Advanced fall Arrest Rescues

SKU/Item Number: CUS0000012

Unit Standard 262712

Operate a Skid Steer Loader

SKU/Item Number: CUS0000013

Unit Standard 262713

Operate a Wheeled Dozer

SKU/Item Number: CUS0000014

Unit Standard 262727

Operate a Backhoe/Loader

SKU/Item Number: CUS0000015

Unit Standard 262729


Operate a Tracked Dozer

SKU/Item Number: CUS0000016

Unit Standard 262731

Operate a Rigid Body Dump Truck

SKU/Item Number: CUS0000017

Unit Standard 262734

Operate a Tip Truck

SKU/Item Number: CUS0000018

Unit Standard 262735

Operate a Grader

SKU/Item Number: CUS0000019

Unit Standard 262744


Operate an Excavator

SKU/Item Number: CUS0000020

Unit Standard 262745

Operate an Articulated Dump Truck

SKU/Item Number: CUS0000021

Unit Standard 262747

Operate a Front End Loader

SKU/Item Number: CUS0000022

Unit Standard 262764


Operate a Water Cart

SKU/Item Number: CUS0000023

Unit Standard 262785

Operate Bitumen Spray Equipment

SKU/Item Number: CUS0000024

Unit Standard 262787

Operate a Hot Mix Asphalt Paving Machine

SKU/Item Number: CUS0000025

Unit Standard 262788

Operate a Milling Machine

SKU/Item Number: CUS0000026

Unit Standard 262804

Operate a Tractor

SKU/Item Number: CUS0000027

Unit Standard 262805

Operate a Roller

SKU/Item Number: CUS0000028

Unit Standard 263245

Erect, Use and Dismantle Access Scaffolding

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