SKU/Item Number: TUS000001

Unit Standard 115093

Control Workplace Hazardous Substances

The following Learning Programmes are all unit standard aligned.

SKU/Item Number: TUS000002

Unit Standard 116231

Operate a Cab Controlled Overhead Crane (Code C31)

SKU/Item Number: TUS000003

Unit Standard 116235

Operate a Pendant Controlled Overhead Crane (Code C32)

SKU/Item Number: TUS000004

Unit Standard 116254

Operate a Mobile Crane (Codes C33, C34, C37, C38 and C43)

SKU/Item Number: TUS000005

Unit Standard 116255

Operate a Tower Crane (Codes C41 and C42)

SKU/Item Number: TUS000006

Unit Standard 123253

Operate a Rigid Heavy Vehicle

SKU/Item Number: TUS000007

Unit Standard 123254

Operate a Vehicle Combination

SKU/Item Number: TUS000008

Unit Standard 124259

Convey Dangerous Goods By Road

SKU/Item Number: TUS000009

Unit Standard 242972

Operate Advanced Define Purpose lift Trucks (Codes F5, F8, F9, F13, F14, F15,F16)

SKU/Item Number: TUS000010

Unit Standard 242974

Operate a Counterbalanced lift Truck (Codes F1, F2, F3)

SKU/Item Number: TUS000011

Unit Standard 242978

Operate Truck Mounted Cranes (Code C32)

SKU/Item Number: TUS000012

Unit Standard 242982

Operate Heavy Crane (Codes C32, C35, C36, C39, and C40)

SKU/Item Number: TUS000013

Unit Standard 243272

Operate a Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) (Code C53)

SKU/Item Number: TUS000014

Unit Standard 252436

Document and Handle Export Air Freight General Non-Hazardous Cargo

SKU/Item Number: TUS000015

Unit Standard 253638

Sling and Communicate During Crane Operations

SKU/Item Number: TUS000016

Unit Standard 260762

Operate Rough Terrain/Earthmoving/Agricultural Equipment (Code F11)

SKU/Item Number: TUS000017

Unit Standard 260781

Operate a Telescopic Boom Handler (Code C46)

SKU/Item Number: TUS000018

Unit Standard 260818

Operate a Counterbalanced Lift Truck in Excess of 15T (Code F4)

SKU/Item Number: TUS000019

Unit Standard 261180

Demonstrate and Apply an Understanding of Relevant Regulatory Framework and Regulatory Bodies Operating Within the Aviation Industry

SKU/Item Number: TUS000020

Unit Standard 261197

Discuss Aviation Security at Airports

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