SKU/Item Number: SSUS000001

Unit Standard 10985


Conduct A Disciplinary Hearing

SKU/Item Number: SSUS000002

Unit Standard 12139


Facilitate The Resolution Of Employee Grievances

SKU/Item Number: SSUS000003

Unit Standard 15217


Develop An Organisational Training And Development Plan

SKU/Item Number: SSUS000004

Unit Standard 15218


Conduct An Analysis To Determine Outcomes Of Learning For Skills Development And Other Purposes

SKU/Item Number: SSUS000005

Unit Standard 15228

Advise On The Establishment And Implementation Of A Quality Management System For Skills Development Practices In An Organisation

SKU/Item Number: SSUS000006

Unit Standard 15232

Coordinate Planned Skills Development Interventions In An Organisation

SKU/Item Number: SSUS000007

Unit Standard 15234

Apply Efficient Time Management To The Work Of A Department/Division/Section

SKU/Item Number: SSUS000008

Unit Standard 114226

Interpret And Manage Conflicts Within The Workplace

SKU/Item Number: SSUS000009

Unit Standard 114274

Demonstrate And Apply An Understanding Of The Basic Conditions Of Employment Act (Act 75 of 1997)

SKU/Item Number: SSUS000010

Unit Standard 114278

Demonstrate And Apply An Understanding Of The Labour Relations Act (Act 66 Of 1995)

SKU/Item Number: SSUS000011

Unit Standard 115227

Conduct Skills Development Administration In An Organisation

The following Learning Programmes are all unit standard aligned.

SKU/Item Number: SSUS000012

Unit Standard 116923

Implement an Employment Equity Programme in a Company

SKU/Item Number: SSUS000013

Unit Standard 252042

Apply the Principles of Ethics to improve Organisational Culture

SKU/Item Number: SSUS000014

Unit Standard 252170

Apply the Principles of Customer Care in Client Interactions